Welcome to Subconscious Fat!

Why Subconscious Fat?

Because our subconscious drives our behavior, we can and should become more aware of our Subconscious Fat to have a more fulfilling life. 

This newsletter will cover a vast array of subjects. Nevertheless, it will always come back to what and where is the Subconscious Fat. What’s the subject matter that you thought you knew? Maybe you’ve been looking at it in only one way. There are many viewpoints to take.

The different perspective may be Subconscious Fat for you, meaning you have yet to look at the issue that way. I’m broadening the definition of Subconscious Fat to include how we view or think about things. 

What to expect from Subconscious Fat

I will be writing in depth articles once a week on a variety of subjects: besides fitness, health, etc, I will also deal with major social issues, like climate change, racism, genetics, relationships, animal intelligence, philosophy, and what new world religion should be started, but they will all fall on one central premise: Subconscious Fat. Meaning there will be a deep dive into the matter, covering it in a way that perhaps hasn’t been shown before.

I’ll take a view from really high, 30,000 feet, in every newsletter. Then I’ll look at the issue at 10,000 feet, then at eye level, and finally, I’ll give my practical suggestions and conclusion. Offering you a different perspective on the matter, uncovering the Subconscious Fat you may not have been aware of. 

Debate and controversy will come. So, instead of hiding from it, I’m going to face it head-on: there is a second member of this newsletter, Mr. Skeptical, and he will be constantly debating and challenging what I have to say, as is his nature. Hopefully we can keep things civil and respectful and you, the reader, can get a clearer perspective from our debate.

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What you don't know can and will be used against you.


I was a chiropractor for 22 years, but now I'm an online personal trainer and enjoy writing. I am writing this newsletter because there's always something going on below the surface.